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Speech-Language Pathology Treatment

​​Therapy begins with a written plan of treatment based upon assessment findings, observations, and recommendations. Goals and objectives should be specific, correspond to life functions, be measurable, and include examples of strategies, methodologies, and activities that will lead to achievement of objectives. The Kamara Center tailors high-tech and/or traditional programs to target specific areas of need.

The Assessment Process

Although speech-language pathologists use different testing tools and may vary in the amount of time spent in assessment, comprehensive evaluations should consider all of the delineated systems in order to develop a treatment plan that is unique to the identified strengths and weaknesses. Because language issues are known to underlie many difficulties in academic, social, and vocational endeavors, it seems prudent to invest time in a thorough evaluation that can provide a good foundation for recommendations.

The Kamara Center assessments are comprised of the following types of activities:

  • Interview/record review before and after assessment

  • Testing 

  • Scoring

  • Error analysis 

  • Transcription of output (audio/video) 

  • Report preparation 

  • Conference 

Total Time 14-18 hours